NJ Tax Preparation For Individuals

Straight Talk CPAs’ Tax Services for Individuals


Tax Planning and Preparation in New Jersey

Today’s tax laws are so complex that filing a simple tax return can be confusing and a daunting task. Our team of New Jersey CPAs is equipped with knowledge on the latest tax laws (including the recent healthcare changes), so we can help you keep more money in your pocket each year.

Here are just a few of the benefits of preparing your tax returns with our accounting firm at Straight Talk CPAs:

  • We’ll sit together to get to know you and make sure we are uncovering all the tax deductions that are yours to claim.
  • We also have a convenient “drop-off” service. Just drop off or email (using our secure server) your tax documents to us and we’ll call and let you know about additional deductions.
  • You’re protected by our “Never-Worry-About-Your-Taxes Again” ACCURACY GUARANTEE! We’ll check and re-check your tax return to identify potential problems the IRS may look at.
  • Receive expert advice of legal tax deductions and tax credits for this year and the following year.
  • Straight Talk CPAs has been preparing tax returns for Monmouth county residents for the past 20 years. Check out the rave reviews we constantly receive.

New Jersey Estate Planning

Planning what happens to your estate when you’re gone can seem too big of a task to tackle. That’s where we come in. We can help you clearly define your estate planning goals and evaluate and recommend options. Our goal is to lessen your taxes at the time of death, so your loved ones don’t have to worry.

In the past we have helped our clients with advice regarding:

  • Living Wills and Trusts
  • Lifetime family wealth transfers
  • Family partnerships and other business relationships
  • Leaving money to charities
  • Preparation for estate and trust tax problems

Tax Resolution Services 

If ever receive that dreaded letter from the IRS we can help STOP the continuing letters, STOP the phone calls, STOP the bank levies, and STOP the collection process. Our experienced team has the experience and tools to deal directly with the IRS and restore your peace of mind.

Self-Employed Business Services

We specialize in helping self-employed businesses grow their small business using our “Straight Talk” approaching of combining our financial and tax stewardship service with our accounting and tax preparation services.

Why not give us a call at (732) 351-4453 so we can meet and see if we are the right fit for each other.

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