CPA Services For Individuals

CPA Services For Individuals

Straight Talk CPAs’ Tax Services for Individuals

Tired of working on your taxes yourself? Tired of working with a CPA who isn’t on your side?

Every year, April 15 gets here before you know it, and it’s time to pull out piles of receipts, bank statements, pay stubs, rental property records, and so much more and try to make sense of it all.

It’s quite a task, isn’t it?

We understand that taking care of taxes year after year might not be what you look forward to doing! That’s why Straight Talk CPAs is here. We’re here to save the day, not by fighting super villains or rescuing cats stuck up in trees, but by providing valuable tax services for individuals like you who have better things to do with your time.

Here’s what Straight Talk CPAs can do for you, as an individual:

  • Make sense of the confusing and complex state laws that you simply can’t ignore.
  • Keep abreast of the latest tax laws so that you don’t miss a thing.
  • Figure out which deductions, rebates, and exclusions are available to you.
  • Minimize your tax burden and save you money on taxes!

Don’t spend your valuable time poring over nearly incomprehensible tax documents. Your free time should be a chance to relax and refresh, not be enslaved to tax preparation. Let the professionals handle your tax preparation efforts for you. After all, this is our business! We do this day in and day out. We’re here for you!

Tax Planning and Preparation

Today’s tax laws are so complex that filing a simple tax return can be confusing and a daunting task. Our team of New Jersey CPAs is equipped with knowledge on the latest tax laws (including the recent healthcare changes), so we can help you keep more money in your pocket each year.

Here are just a few of the benefits of preparing your tax returns with our accounting firm at Straight Talk CPAs:

  • We’ll sit together to get to know you and make sure we are uncovering all the tax deductions that are yours to claim.
  • We also have a convenient “drop-off” service. Just drop off or email (using our secure server) your tax documents to us and we’ll call and let you know about additional deductions.
  • You’re protected by our “Never-Worry-About-Your-Taxes Again” ACCURACY GUARANTEE! We’ll check and re-check your tax return to identify potential problems the IRS may look at.
  • Receive expert advice of legal tax deductions and tax credits for this year and the following year.
  • Straight Talk CPAs has been preparing tax returns for Monmouth county residents for the past 20 years. Check out the rave reviews we constantly receive.

Estate Planning

Planning what happens to your estate when you’re gone can seem too big of a task to tackle. That’s where we come in. We can help you clearly define your estate planning goals and evaluate and recommend options. Our goal is to lessen your taxes at the time of death, so your loved ones don’t have to worry.

In the past we have helped our clients with advice regarding:

  • Living wills and trusts
  • Lifetime family wealth transfers
  • Family partnerships and other business relationships
  • Leaving money to charities
  • Preparation for estate and trust tax problems

We Can Help With Your Estate Planning

One thing we hear from our clients over and over again is a desire to leave more to their families or favorite charities. We actively find ways to reduce the taxes that will need to be paid by the recipients of your estate.

Remember that whatever you own makes up your estate. If you own a modest house with a few furnishings, along with one 15-year-old car, that’s your estate. If you own rental properties, a boat, an RV, and a primary residence along with a summer home on the beach, that’s your estate. What’s more, all of your bank accounts, random possessions, stocks and bonds, and other assets and finances also make up important segments of your overall estate.

Protect What You Own

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or not so much, if you have investments or not much more than a few treasures passed down from relatives. Whatever you own, that makes up your estate, and careful tax and estate planning will protect your possessions, assets, and/or investments. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you simply don’t have enough to warrant protecting it. You have more than you realize! If you want to leave as much as you possibly can to your family when you’re no longer here, make sure to take the time now to do savvy, prudent estate planning.

Tax Resolution Services 

If you ever receive that dreaded letter from the IRS, we can help STOP the continuing letters, STOP the phone calls, STOP the bank levies, and STOP the collection process. Our team has the experience and tools to deal directly with the IRS and restore your peace of mind.

Why Tax Resolution Services Matter

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, even the IRS. And of course, individuals who work on their own taxes can make errors as well. When mistakes are made by either side, problems can arise for the person who filed taxes.

Have Someone By Your Side

If you go solo with your taxes, when you get an unpleasant letter from the IRS, who can you turn to? If you work with us, we will have your back! When a less-than-desired communication comes in from the IRS, we will stand by you and help you with:

  • Ending the stream of disruptive letters from the IRS
  • Stopping the tax-related phone calls you may be getting
  • Putting an end to the collection process before damage is done to you and your finances

Self-Employed Business Services

We specialize in helping self-employed individuals grow their at-home business using our “Straight Talk” approach of combining our financial and tax stewardship service with our accounting and tax preparation services. If you are self-employed or considering venturing into self-employment, please talk to us. We are equipped to point you in the right direction, tax-wise.

There’s A Lot To Being Self-Employed

If you’ve never been self-employed, please realize that there are many details you’ll need to take care of. We’ll help you make sense of self-employment taxes, including rates, your obligation, and how to pay this type of tax.

Ready To Let The Pros Handle Your Taxes?

We’ve showed you some of the ways that we can help handle your individual taxes, and the reasons you should turn to professional tax services to reduce your tax burden, handle estate planning, deal with self-employment taxes, and provide resolution services, when needed. If you’re ready to benefit from these valuable services, reach out to Straight Talk CPAs today!

And if you run a business, we can assist you with other tax-related services, including the following:

  • How to correctly set up a systemized and sellable business
  • Ways to maximize your profits
  • Getting your finances in order
  • Retirement and legacy planning
  • Significantly reducing your tax burden
  • Improved cash flow management strategies
  • Writing up financial statements correctly
  • Handling payroll and employee benefits
  • How to deal with sales tax
  • Audit protection and tax resolution services
  • Setting up a new business the right way

For professional assistance with your individual taxes, give us a call at (732) 351-4453 so we can meet and see if we are the right fit for each other.