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The CPA Firm That Over 248 New Jersey Business Owners Depend On To Profitably Thrive in Any Economic Time

I’ve been with Salim and his group for over 9 years, it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Dr. Raj Gupta, owner of the Soul Focus Group of companies

8 Question “Quick Litmus Test” to Find Out If Your Current CPA is Cutting the Mustard?

BIGGEST Legal Tax Breaks (v/s always playing it safe)

Does your current CPA:

1. Ask you questions so you don’t miss any of the tax breaks that the leanest companies enjoy?

2. Meet with you regularly to discuss the many ways you can benefit from the constantly changing tax laws?

Year Round Solid Business Advice (v/s sporadic “tax season” help)

Does your current CPA:

3. Review your books like a vigilant and attentive CFO year round to streamline expenses and prevent profit leaks?

4. Understand the flow of cash in your particular business and show you ways to maximize it?

Growth minded (v/s timid and fearful)

Does your current CPA:

5. Encourage, inspire and stand by you to help you and your business grow and reach its full potential?

6. Really understand your business and the industry it operates in?

5-Star Delightful Service (v/s sloppy and inconsistent)

Does your current CPA:

7. Treat you like a real, individual feeling human being with friendliness, honesty and respect?

8. Respond to your emails and phone calls within hours instead of days?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then it may be time to give your current CPA firm the “pink slip”.

I can’t recommend any higher the person that’s become not just my accounting consultant but my friend, Salim Omar. You will know in one minute that this is somebody you want in your life, to connect you to other people, to learn from him, and to have him on your team as a CPA.

Dr. Steven L. Rasner, DMD, MAGD, Bridgeton Dental Associates, Bridgeton, NJ

Why Us?

Welcome to the first and ONLY Entrepreneurial CPA firm in New Jersey that uses a “Straight Talk” approach to help take growth oriented businesses to next level:

This is what we are known for:

1) Peace of Mind: The team at Straight Talk CPAs handles your books and finances like grizzled veterans so you are confident you are in good hands and you never have to ever worry about your finances.

2) Cut Your Tax Bill: We take care of your taxes with the jeweler’s eye on tax breaks so you will be keeping all the money that’s supposed to be yours, without ever fearing an IRS audit.

3) Half Accountants, Half Business Advisors: Our clients tell us we are far more than accountants who just crunch numbers and tell you where to sign. We have been referred to as “coaches” and “business advisors” because we work side by side with you and your team on a year round basis to help you reach your goals.

4) Ritz Carlton 5-Star Services. We live by the golden rule to treat our clients the way we want to be treated. This means never forgetting to treat them like royalties.

5) Fixed, upfront and affordable. We strictly adhere to fixed, upfront and affordable fees. You get the same expert advice that Fortune 500 companies get but at a fraction of the cost of a seasoned CFO.

In comparison to other firms I have worked with your attention to detail has been unmatched. Straight Talk CPAs has that sweet spot right in the middle where they are just the right size and have different people with different strengths and they all come together to work as a well-oiled machine.

Matt Ince, Ince Landscaping, Westfield, NJ