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Dear Small business owner and friend,

With our national debt surpassing 17 trillion dollars, we as small business owners have become part of the
“pay back plan” for our government’s misguided spending sprees. The fact is, the tax burden of the small business owner is staggering, and with recent tax law changes, things will only get worse.

According to conservative estimates, small business owners are overpaying their taxes by $160 billion every year. A statistic like that can mean only one thing for you…

Every year without exception, small business owners like you overpay taxes.

And if you’ve had it “up to here” with paying through the nose for your taxes, then this is the most important website you’ve come across in a long time. Here’s why:

My name is Salim Omar and for past 17 years, I’ve been helping small business owners just like you across the state of New Jersey drastically reduce their tax bill by as much 62% using our unique, proven and 100% legal “Tax-Reduction and Profit Maximization” strategies.

Sadly, most busy small business owners settle for the first CPA that comes across their way not knowing if they could be pocketing tens of thousands of dollars they are paying away in taxes, sometimes for years. This is exactly what inept accountants are banking on.

Fact is: Understanding the IRS and tax laws in general is a process that’s constantly changing. In order for you to stop spilling your hard earned money to the government and guarantee yourself to (ethically) pay the least every year, you need a CPA that’s up to date with all the tax-strategies available to you that Uncle Sam would LOVE for you to NEVER find out.

Here are some important questions you’ll want to ask before choosing a CPA…

How Can Choosing the Right CPA Impact my Business?

One obvious advantage is reducing your tax bill. The truth is, there’s nothing in your business that hemorrhages cash flow like income taxes. That’s because for most small businesses, it’s the LARGEST expense on their financial statement, yet most owners take the hit without thinking of their options to legally get a large portion of it back into their bottom line.

Think about all the things you do in your business to control costs. However, when it comes to income taxes, you have (rightfully) left that in the hands of someone else.

This is EXACTLY why you need a CPA who understands your business and can help you regain a big chunk of the money you’re currently losing. And here at The Omar Group, CPAs, we’ll be one of the most valuable resources on your team … someone who is a strategic partner… someone who is an EXPERT in tax minimization and profit maximization strategies for your business … and not just someone who merely handles your monthly accounting and tax compliance work and prepares your year end income tax return and considers you JUST another client.

Why Should I choose The Omar Group, CPAs vs All the Other Options I Have?

I’ve been specializing with small businesses in New Jersey for the last 17 years and during that period, I’ve developed a proven system that drastically reduces your taxes by up to 62% and puts tens of thousands of dollars back into your pocket.

Truth is, I grew up in a family where entrepreneurship was instilled in me from a very young age. My father started a business with his last $500 in the small African nation of Kenya in order to fulfill his dream of sending four of his children to American universities. His business philosophy has always been…

“Maximize Profits and Minimize Expenses”

And as a CPA advisor today, I’ve built my practice based on those principles that my father taught me a long time ago so that I can BEST assist YOU to slash your tax bill by 62% (minimize expense) and put thousands of dollars that’s already yours but you’re (unnecessarily) handing to Uncle Sam back to YOUR BOTTOM LINE (maximize profits).

My firm is equipped to handle even the most complex of tax cases in the most creative and ethical ways and since we only handle a limited number of clients that fit our bill, we can devote our time, energy and resources to each one of our clients.

How Can I Find out More Before Making a Decision?

You can fill out the form below to receive a DETAILED free special report that will not only get you informed about our processes, it will also reveal several eye opening tax-saving strategies and tips most business owners have never seen anywhere.

We believe it’s vitally important that you’re 110% satisfied with who you choose to be your accountant, to find a dedicated firm you can place your trust in, and is up-to-date with the never ending changes in the tax laws in order to help you minimize your tax bill, maximize your profits, and keep you out of legal trouble with the IRS.