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Find Out Why 248 New Jersey Business Owners Rely on Us to Legally Slash Their Taxes, Streamline Expenses, and Spot Additional Profit Opportunities Hidden In Their Business

And We Back It Up With a Full 100% Money Back Guarantee (Read More Below)

Take our quick “5-Question Litmus Test” and
find out how your current CPA may be falling short.

Does your current CPA:

  • Bring you 5 legal and uncommon tax breaks that you can implement in your business to save money?
  • Reveal the average profits for your industry and whether you are beating your competition or losing against your competition?
  • Meet with you periodically to discuss the profitability you want and deserve?
  • Give you a dashboard to monitor the performance of your business, your profitability and help you maximize what you get over your business every single month?
  • Treat you with the utmost respect, friendliness, and honesty?


If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it may be time to give your current CPA firm the “pink slip.”

The “Straight Talk 5-Star Guarantee”

We are a one-of-a-kind Entrepreneurial CPA firm that uses a “Straight Talk” approach to guide businesses to pay the least amount of taxes legally possible, to maximize profits and reach their entrepreneurial goals.

Most CPA firms give empty promises. Our approach is very different. We are so confident on the impact we will have on your business that we guarantee our services. Read what our clients say about us.

Our “5-Star Guarantee”:

  1. We guarantee to legally cut your tax bill, so you keep all the money that’s yours, without ever fearing an IRS audit.
  2. We guarantee to review your books like a vigilant and attentive CFO to identify opportunities, prevent profit leaks and meet with you regularly as your trusted CPA advisor.
  3. We guarantee upfront, transparent and affordable fees. You receive the same expert advice as a Fortune 500 company but at a fraction of the cost.
  4. A 100% iron-clad, money-back guarantee. If you ever feel that hiring Straight Talk CPAs was not one of the BEST business decisions you’ve made, if you ever feel we are not bending over backwards to help you achieve success, simply let us know for a full refund.
  5. FREE “Zero Pain” Transition Process. We guarantee a smooth and pain-free transition. Our team takes care of all the details to retrieve your information and set up your account using our “Zero Pain” Process.

In comparison to other firms I have worked with your attention to detail has been unmatched. Straight Talk CPAs has that sweet spot right in the middle where they are just the right size and have different people with different strengths and they all come together to work as a well-oiled machine.

Matt Ince, Ince Landscaping, Westfield, NJ

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