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The Only New Jersey CPA Firm That Helps Entrepreneurs
Get Their Finances In Order,
Maximize Profits,and Create Wealth

The Problem: Small businesses make up 96% of the economy, yet the majority are in survival mode.

You’re working at extreme levels, but you’re not earning the kind of profits you deserve.

The Solution: Give your business attention in three important areas:

  • Create WEALTH
  • Maximize your PROFITS
  • Get your FINANCIAL HOUSE in order

Why Us: Your CPA firm should play an integral role in the above three areas.

Most accounting firms only work with you at the base layer of the triangle, to get your FINANCES IN ORDER.

This results in a big void.

Instead, you want to excel in ALL THREE AREAS:

  • Create WEALTH
  • Maximize your PROFITS
  • Get your FINANCIAL HOUSE in order

This is what makes Straight Talk CPAs unique.

It is the reason our clients view us as “The Entrepreneurs CPA Firm”.

Together, we will ensure you no longer struggle, but instead earn the kind of profits
that you deserve and create wealth by helping you put your profits to work for you.

Our Mission: To help 1,000 entrepreneurs create their dream business.

Providing you with real business results — Profits, cash flow and a business legacy that
makes you proud — is our mission.

Next Step: Schedule your complimentary strategy session to explore how our proven approach could be a game changer.

During this session, we will have an honest, open and confidential discussion about your business, profits, taxes and your vision.

There is absolutely no cost or obligation.



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