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The Problem: Small businesses make up 96% of the economy, yet the majority are in survival mode.  

The owners of these businesses are working at extreme levels, but they’re not earning the kind of profits they deserve.

The Solution: These are the 3 important areas in any business that need attention:

  • Create a SELLABLE and VALUABLE business
  • Maximize your PROFITS
  • Get your FINANCIAL HOUSE in order

Why Us: At Straight Talk CPAs, we believe that your CPA firm should play an integral role in these three areas.  

This is what makes Straight Talk CPAs different and unique.  It is the reason our clients view us as “The Entrepreneurs CPA Firm”.   While most accounting firms assist their business clients with the base layer of the triangle, we see our role to go way beyond that.   Yes, we see the importance of creating a reliable audit proof financial system that works efficiently on autopilot. We simply feel it should NOT end there.  It’s a prelude to the layer above it – MAXIMIZE PROFITS.

Using our proprietary KPI PROFIT MAXIMIZER system, we help you to maximize profits. Over a few years, this could result in an extra 5 – 6 figure personal paycheck for you.  That brings us to the top layer of the triangle: Create a SELLABLE and VALUABLE business.  We believe in the popular saying “begin with the end in mind”.  By creating systems and putting a strategic game plan in place, our clients see the value of their business growing each year.

Straight Talk CPAs is on a mission to work closely with 1,000 business owners to help them create their dream business. This is the impact we want to make and how we want to be remembered.

If you would like to explore if or how our approach could be a game changer for you, schedule your complimentary strategy session.  During this session, we will have an honest, open and confidential discussion about your business, profits, taxes and your vision. There is no absolutely no cost or obligation.

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In comparison to other firms I have worked with your attention to detail has been unmatched. Straight Talk CPAs has that sweet spot right in the middle where they are just the right size and have different people with different strengths and they all come together to work as a well-oiled machine.

Matt Ince, Ince Landscaping, Westfield, NJ

“I can’t recommend any higher the person that’s become not just my accounting consultant but my friend, Salim Omar. You will know in one minute that this is somebody you want in your life, to connect you to other people, to learn from him, and to have him on your team as a CPA.”

– Dr. Steven L. Rasner, DMD, MAGD, Bridgeton Dental Associates, Bridgeton, NJ

With several businesses and locations around the country, we are very happy to have the support of Straight Talk CPAs! In all the years that we have been dealing with them, we have ALWAYS found everyone and anyone of Salim’s team to be friendly, knowledgeable, and very responsive to any request or question that arises.


Bruce Druckenmiller, Multi Machine Inc. and Affiliates, Asbury, NJ

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