4 Richuals for Success

The journey we take as business owners is clearly not a straight one, nor is it a smooth one.

Our journey in life has its challenges and being a business owner adds another layer of trials and tribulations that those employed don’t face.

It’s a path that has varying levels of detours, obstacles, potholes and sometimes, even craters that appear as gigantic as the Grand Canyon.

Here’s one of those craters from my own life.  Two years back, I fired a CPA in my firm who just wasn’t performing to standards. Despite many sit downs with him, he was stuck in his ways and unwilling to make the necessary changes. He got very upset and resorted to defamation and unethical behavior as a form of payback.

I won’t get into the details but it has resulted in legal costs, stress, time and unnecessary distraction.  It’s not over yet but this obstacle has led me to a pretty beautiful opportunity.

There’s a quote I like: “In every adversity there is an opportunity.” The opportunity here was it forced me to create a 4-part morning routine that has had a positive impact for me and those I serve.

I hope you take 2 vital points from reading this.

First is that things will not always go perfectly well in life and in your business.  Expect the best but also be prepared for the worst.

I’ve been at it for 22 years, have created an amazing CPA practice but there are times when things simply don’t go as I would like or had planned.

The second point is the importance of a morning ritual. My ritual prepares ME to be the best and have the best day possible. I see it as my sacred time, dedicated to nourishing my mind, heart and body.

I encourage you to read through it and incorporate aspects of it into your own morning routine.

Here it is:

  1. Meditation. Sitting in silence and not thinking about anything felt too abstract, too out there for my taste and style.  The more I learned about it, the more benefits I saw. Now, every morning, like this morning, I sit in silence for 3 to 15 minutes per day. During that time, I relax my body, take deep breathes and shut down the chatter of my brain.  I visualize my ideal day and finish it off with asking god to guide me through the day.
  2. Reading. I’ve been an avid reader for the past couple of decades and consume about a book a week. Lately I have modified my habit of reading by making sure I get in a few pages of reading as part of my morning ritual. Reading a few pages in the early hours of something educational and/or inspirational in nature helps me to set the tone for the rest of the day. Last year, I had picked a book of quotes from a local B & N store titled Everyday Happiness: 365 Ways to a Joyful Life. I make it a point to read a few quotes from it as well. One of my favorites is: “Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams”.
  3. Journaling: I find it helpful to get my thoughts on paper. The very act of doing that brings clarity and a sense of calmness. If there is something I’m worried about and I keep it in my head, it tends to escalate to a monster worry. When I get It out of my head and on to my journal, what had appeared as a monster worry most times becomes something that isn’t that big after all.   We can free up our minds’ energy and lessen our worries by journaling.
  4. Exercising: This could be a walk or jog in the park. It could also be engaging in an activity like Yoga.  I felt the same about yoga as I did meditation initially. After learning more about it, I realized I was wrong. There are several videos you can pull on YouTube if you want to practice Yoga from the comfort of your home.  My favorite is a Yoga instructor by the name of Adrienne.  I like her calming style of communicating and she has a range of videos that go from the beginner level to the more advanced. I am at the beginner level if you are wondering.

I hope what I’ve shared here is helpful to you in one way or another. Please feel free to share in the comments section if you have a morning an/or evening routine is and what you do to nourish your mind, heart and body.

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