Choose the Right Mindset for Creative Success

Your mindset influences your ability to think creatively and succeed in whatever you do. Here are four basic mindsets to cultivate, from the MakeIt website: 

  • Growth mindset. Believe that you can change, develop, and improve your talents, your abilities, and your intelligence. This will make you more willing and able to learn new skills.
  • Open mindset. Be open to new ideas and willing to take seriously suggestions from other people. Ask questions, invite feedback, look for new perspectives, and think as positively as possible. 
  • Promotion mindset. Focus on winning and achieving goals. Someone with a promotion mindset will have a clear goal and actively shoot for it. People with a prevention mindset—the opposite—focus on “not losing” instead of achieving. 
  • Outward mindset. See other people as equals. Notice their value, and you’ll be more trusted. Engage with all kinds of people, whatever their position or rank. Give their needs and desires the same level of importance as your own


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