Estate Planning

Plan Now So Your Loved Ones Are Taken Care Of

Estate planning is something you may not think about very often, but the fact is that a little planning now will prevent a world of headaches for your loved ones later on!

Plus, taking the time now to plan and record what will happen to your estate when you’re gone gives you control over everything you’ve earned and acquired. If you don’t specify your wishes, government agencies may step in and decide for you.

We’ll Help With Your Estate Planning

Our knowledgeable CPAs will do everything in their power to lower the taxes that will be due at the time of your death. This way, your loved ones or the individuals or charities you specify as your recipients will get more of your estate, rather than ending up with too little because of high taxes.

We put our understanding of tax law to work for you and your family when we work on estate planning. We’ll assist you with your living wills and trust, family wealth transfers, family partnerships, and more. During our planning consultations, we’ll be happy to answer your questions and make sure your wishes are heard and respected.

What’s Involved With Estate Planning

Estate planning is all about thinking about where you want your finances, assets, and belongings to go after you’re no longer here to enjoy them. It’s about having a say regarding where what you’ve worked for or acquired will end up. In other words, it’s about making important arrangements while you’re still here. We’re here to help you manage your estate and make sure your wishes are taken into account and met.

Just as important, estate planning is about minimizing estate, gift, income, and generational-transfer taxes and fees. You don’t want to unnecessarily burden those who are receiving your estate with hefty taxes that will significantly diminish the value of what they are receiving. We will help you maximize the value of what you’re passing on by working to minimize taxes and other related expenses.

In summary, estate planning may involve several of the following:

  • Managing your estate
  • Minimizing estate-related taxes
  • Eliminating uncertainties regarding probate
  • Maximizing the value of your estate
  • Ensuring your specific wishes are met

Protect What’s Yours

Everything you own makes up your estate. That baby grand piano you purchased to grace your living room, the computer equipment you bought for your home office, the dream motorcycle you got yourself for relaxing rides along the hillsides — all of these things are part of your estate. So is your primary residence and any second home you may own, whether it’s a cabin in the woods or a beach house.

How do you go about with estate planning to make sure whoever inherits these items will not be financially burdened by them? This is a valid question, and one we’ll be happy to explore together with you. Every case is unique, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you and help you through savvy, customized estate planning.

Beyond Estate Planning

We are here to help you with more than just estate planning. In addition to assisting you with this important financial planning task, we can help with the following, and much more:

  • Retirement and business legacy planning
  • Finding ways to reduce your taxes and maximize your profits, whether you’re a business or an individual
  • Assistance with cash flow management strategies
  • Preparation of your business’ financial statements (profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement)
  • A wide range of tax services, including tax planning and preparation, tax resolution, and sales tax management
  • Help with new business creation, including learning how to use QuickBooks, setting up payroll and benefits, and setting up your business correctly so that it can be a sought-after, sellable business one day

As you can see, we strive to be your complete tax and business management services provider.  To get started, contact Straight Talk CPAs today!