Give Your Team a Sense of Urgency

Challenging your employees to do their best work instead of the bare minimum requires a sense of urgency.

Here’s some advice for getting the most from your people.

Get Specific

Tell employees what problems your organization is facing, and how those difficulties could affect them.

You don’t necessarily want to scare them, but educate them on the impact that the economy, your competition, and their performance can have on your business.

Use concrete terms to eliminate any doubt about the seriousness of the situation.

Set Goals

You’ve got to tell people what you expect them to do.

Once you’re both absolutely clear on the results required, step back and let them decide how to accomplish that.

Don’t micro-manage them.

Supply Resources

Talk about what employees need in order to get results—time, money, equipment, etc.

Provide what you can.

If something’s out of reach, talk about how you could work around it.

Showing your commitment to helping them succeed will spur their motivation. 



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