How to Keep the Drive Alive In Your Company

When you’re the CEO and in charge of a team, good planning is essential. Build your team around these crucial elements:


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Roles and responsibilities need to be firmly established for everyone, from the leader to the most junior member.

The mission and objectives of your project should be explained clearly, so everyone understands how his or her work supports your goal.

Set up procedures for keeping track of everyone’s performance and progress, so no one falls behind and holds up the team.


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If you’re running a virtual team with members in distant locations, take advantage of as many technologies as you can to stay in contact— the phone, email, instant messaging, texting, and video chats.

Even if you’re all in the same workplace, pay attention to communication needs to avoid misunderstandings and other problems.

How often do you need to meet as a group? Which members should meet more often? What’s the best way to get hold of people?


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The role of the leader is paramount. Leaders aren’t just in charge of telling people what to do; they should encourage, support, and hold people accountable.

A complex project may have more than one leader for different segments, but they should all share the same expectations and objectives.


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Team members must be able to trust one another—which means relying on people they don’t know well and may have little direct contact with.

Ideally, the team should meet at the beginning of the project so members can get to know one another.

Leaders should emphasize the importance of following through on commitments and alerting colleagues about problems.


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A long, challenging project can be demoralizing unless leaders and colleagues know how to maintain team members’ drive.

Praise and recognition are vital, but so is the work itself. If it’s engaging, members are more likely to stay focused.

Try to divide up the work so everyone has the opportunity to use his or her skills on a high level.

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