Tax Reduction

Saving money on taxes is your goal and our highest priority!

We recognize your financial situation is unique and requires a personalized solution to provide the maximum number of legal write-offs. You can expect to pay less in taxes and enjoy larger refund checks as a result of our diligent, year-round management of your tax-related finances. Consider this an integral part of your profit maximizing strategy! 

In fact, you’ll receive advice regarding any major transaction that may trigger significant tax liabilities. Our in-the-trenches experience with the IRS will give you access to dozens of proven tips and strategies to lower your taxes. You’ll notice significant improvements in your financial statements when you reduce your tax burden. 

To optimize your finances and reduce your taxes, get in touch with Straight Talk CPAs today!

We Stay On Top Of Tax Code Changes

Local, state, county, and federal tax regulations are in perpetual flux. Every year, new changes take place, and those who do their own taxes are often unaware of these latest revisions to the tax code. What this means is that DIY tax filers often miss golden opportunities to save money and reduce their tax burden. It also means that they put themselves at a higher risk of being fined or audited for overlooking important points or making big mistakes.

Straight Talk CPAs makes it a point to stay on top of the latest changes and updates on the tax code at every level. Whether changes are made at the local, state, or federal level, it impacts you. We make it a point to understand new laws fully so that we can file your taxes correctly and take advantage of any possible way to save you money.

For example, here’s something you may not know. Recently the IRS announced new targeted enforcement campaigns, which are designed to improve compliance with all laws and regulations related to offshore income ventures and private banking activities. We wrote a blog about this, and we’ve studied the development carefully in order to help our clients with offshore interests.

Essentially, people living in the United States are subject to tax on income made around the world. Someone who owns offshore accounts or assets must comply with income tax and information reporting requirements set by the IRS. Tax penalties and even criminal prosecution may result when disclosures are not made or misreporting is detected. Our expertise protects our clients, since we make sure to adhere to the latest changes and developments to ensure no laws are broken and all regulations are adhered to for the protection of each taxpayer we assist.

Our Knowledge Will Save You Money

In addition to protecting you against possible penalties or worse, we’re here to save you money! Most people do not know about all the deductions that can be legally taken. Most people don’t know how to accurately and legally report income in such a way that it reduces their tax burden. In our experience, far too many people are paying way more taxes than they have to! We want to put our extensive tax knowledge to use to help YOU pay no more than what you owe, thus reducing your tax burden and maximizing what you are entitled to keep from your hard-earned dollars.

Our financially savvy team consists of CPAs, bookkeepers, financial accountants, and senior tax professionals who know the ins and outs of tax law in every region, from our city to our state and beyond, to the federal level.

As you can imagine, our combined knowledge serves our clients well at every level of tax preparation. Put us to the test! If you’re like our current clients, you’ll be glad you turned to us to handle your taxes for you professionally.

Reduce Your Tax Burden

Ready to reduce your personal or business tax burden and maximize the earnings and profit you get to keep? Turn to the experts at Straight Talk CPA’s. We will do everything in our power to handle your taxes accurately and reliably while saving you a considerable amount of money. Individuals and businesses alike trust us to handle their taxes competently.

We are here to lessen your tax burden, prevent you from overpaying, file accurately, and reduce or eliminate your risk of being audited. If you do get audited, we will have your back, since everything will be readily available and organized for you and we will serve as your advocate.

Our tax services include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Helping businesses of all sizes reduce their tax burden and maximize profits
  • Prepare the financial statements that you need to help your business year-round, including at tax time
  • Prepare and file taxes accurately for S corps, C corps, partnerships, and other business entities and organization
  • Teach businesses and individuals how to use Quickbooks to save you time and help you make the most of this popular accounting software
  • Help your business with payroll and benefits
  • Provide sales tax services to ensure you don’t fall into any sales tax traps
  • Give you audit protection and tax resolution services
  • Help individuals with tax planning, preparation, filing, and resolution

For top tax services to give you the tax reduction that you want and make sure you’re not overpaying at tax time, contact Straight Talk CPAs today!

Additional Services

We’re also here to help you with the following financial planning services:

  • Retirement planning
  • Wealth management
  • Estate planning
  • Financial help for the self-employed
  • Legacy and succession planning
  • Cash flow management
  • Profit maximization
  • New business formation

For top accounting and tax preparation services, contact Straight Talk CPAs. We are here to assist with all your financial planning and preparation needs.