Tax Resolution Services For Individuals

Avoid Audits And Unpleasant Communications From The IRS!

If you’ve ever been audited, you know how time-consuming and challenging this whole process can be. It can also be a very expensive one if the audit turns up any issues against you. You may end up owing quite a bit of taxes you didn’t realize you owed.

Audits aren’t the only unexpected surprises you may receive from the IRS. It’s possible that you’ll receive a letter that you may find confusing. You may question the contents of the letter; you may even disagree with it. But where can you turn to when you receive unexpected, complicated, or possibly erroneous letters from the IRS?

You can turn to Straight Talk CPAs! We regularly handle tax resolution services for individuals like you who receive unanticipated communications from the IRS.

Take Proactive Measures

Better yet, avoid such letters in the first place! When you work with professional tax preparers like our own team of CPAs, the chances of being audited or receiving confusing communications from the Internal Revenue Service are greatly reduced. That’s because we take great care to plan and prepare your taxes correctly and to file on time. When we professionally handle your taxes, mistakes are fewer!

Our Tax Resolution Services

Of course, mistakes can still be made, but the good news is that you’ll have a knowledgeable ally to turn to. If you do receive a dreaded letter from the IRS, we will work hard to stop continuing letters, phone calls, and the collection process in general. We’re on your side! With our tax resolution services, you’ll never have to face the IRS on your own.

Ready to talk with Straight Talk CPAs? We are here to help with all of your tax planning and preparation needs. Whether it’s resolution services or help with any other tax matter, we’re here for you. Contact us today to get started!

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