The Innovation Cycle: 3 Ways to Maintain Momentum

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Keeping an air of innovation and inspiration alive in the workplace can be a difficult task, especially during these times but there are ways for leaders to keep the momentum going once the spark has been lit.

While your teams have their heads down at their desks working on your core business, technological advances—and the accompanying opportunities for disruption—are happening more quickly than ever.

Even organizations who are ahead of the curve are conducting regular programs focused on education, and replanting the seeds of inspiration and innovation.

Innovation is not a one-off initiative.

Keeping innovation at the top of the leadership’s priority list is important for multiple reasons:


A Spark of Inspiration

Inspiration & Motivation: Finding the Spark — craigmakesgames

According to the most recent “State of the American Workplace” report by Gallup, only 30 percent of the U.S workforce is engaged in their work.

So how can leaders engage, or re-engage, their workforce?

According to the study, after an uplifting interaction, everyone leaves with a jolt of energy and inspiration. But what impact did that have on their mindset? Slowly, after a few weeks, they get back to their normal routine.

Leaders can keep the spark of inspiration alive within their organization by bringing in speakers, launching an internal initiative, or hosting a workshop to galvanize their employees.


Information Overload


Start-ups and technological advances are surfacing at an alarming rate.

One hundred million businesses are launched annually, according to the 2015/2016 GEM Global Report.

Organizations are feeling the sense of urgency to not only update their innovation strategy, but keep up with all the potential disruptive threats and opportunities on the horizon.

Newsletters, conferences, workshops, and advisers are just some of the other ways to seek out and filter relevant content.


Education is Key

Education is the key to future success | UP Board

A few months or years pass, and so do those skill sets one studied so hard to learn or implement.

Even with a degree, a certification, or an intense 10-week course on the books, the mind can get stagnant and skill sets start to fade.

To avoid tunnel vision or an antiquated approach, educating newcomers and re-educating seasoned employees is essential. 

Supporting education initiatives facilitates thinking outside of the box and investing in your employees.




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